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Aluminum-free green tea - lemon deo stick

2 950 Ft

Of course and effectively a against unpleasant odours without aluminium salt!

Its name reflects this: deodorization is its main function and not to inhibit the vital function of our body!

  • Preservative-free
  • Non-greasy, non-sticky when used correctly
  • Available from winter-summer, even intense sport while you do it!
  • Does not contain aluminium salts, like almost all antiperspirants

It is important that it is enough to make one movement, very in a thin layer pull along the desired area of skin!


Of course and effectively a against unpleasant odours without aluminium salt!

It contains natural ingredients that help to antibacterial effect next to reassure and nurture the skin, do not clog pores. Green tea and lemon a pleasant and fresh scent ensures that banish unpleasant odours associated with sweating. A thin layer is sufficient. One deodorant lasts up to 3 months. Zinc oxide and baking soda free, so it won't irritate sensitive, redness-prone skin. Can be used regardless of age.

Long lasting and refreshing with green tea and lemon fragrance.

Beneficial effects produced by the ingredients of a cosmetic:

A coconut oil antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, anti-ageing, protects against dangerous UV rays, moisturises and absorbs quickly. It nourishes the skin and acts as a sunscreen.

A 100% pure lemon essential oil has a strong bactericidal effect. It is an antidote to bacterial infections. Stimulates and strengthens the body's defences. Normalises sebum production in the skin. Refreshes old skin, helps to eliminate cellulite. The scent of lemon essential oil is refreshing and invigorating.

A corn starch recommended for oily, combination skin with excessive sebum production. The starch leaves the skin silky smooth and soft.

Use a green tea - lemon deo stick: After removing the cap, apply a thin layer over the desired area of skin. Apply to the cleansed underarm area for optimal effect. Not recommended for irritated skin. Long lasting and refreshing with green tea and lemon fragrance.

  • We recommend for all skin types
  • The product free of artificial colours and parabens
  • A process that meets strict standards 
  • Place of origin: Hungary


Weight 108 g

Artificial fragrance




Petroleum derivatives

Palm oil

Artificial colouring


Free of animal testing

By skin type

7 reviews for Alumíniummentes zöld teás – citromos deo stift

  1. Lívia Sóos -

    The most effective natural, aluminum-free deodorant I've tried (there were many). And the scent is delicious.

  2. Big Niki -

    I love this deodorant, especially because of the scent. I do a lot of sports, and I don't even smell sweat after workouts, just fresh lemon and green tea. However, it is important to say in case you learn from my case that you have to learn to use it. You don't have to apply it like other deodorants you can buy in the store. I figured out how to put it on after the first 4 uses! The key is to be very gentle and only rub it in 1 time. Don't push it in and don't pull it through more than once, because that's how I messed it up! 1 of my t-shirts regretted practicing 🙂 but after I used it as it says on the label anyway only I didn't read it 🙂 , it's perfect now and doesn't leave a stain!

  3. Éva Huszár -

    I bought it for my teenage daughter at an event where they were exhibiting their products. Since then we have become regular customers, both myself and my partner have become addicted to this deodorant. We really like the smell, and that it is aluminum free and lasts a long time. We don't smell like sweat after 1 hour, it stays smelling deliciously fresh! I recommend it to everyone!

  4. Zsaneemano -

    It's also very good in summer. The secret is to apply it thinly and it doesn't leave a stain. It deodorized me all day in summer and I didn't have to reapply. I recommend it to everyone.

  5. MonaZ -

    Everything is just fine with it. Pleasant smell, durability, effectiveness.

  6. Olga -

    My teenage daughter uses it,it smells great,it doesn't stain her clothes.It's a great little product,and importantly it's "everything" free.

  7. cata74 -

    Very good product????. It smells wonderful,you don't need much but it is effective.I love it! Thank you ♥️

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