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Cocoa butter body lotion with vegetable collagen

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Looking for sweet pampering and soft, velvety skin? Here is the right lotion for you, thanks to its natural ingredients puhává and velvety makes your skin while almond flavoured conjures up tested. Moisturising, skin tightener, feeding effect, fast absorbing, without greasy feeling body milk. Dress yourself in sweet marzipan with the scent of almonds!


Sweet pampering and you want soft, velvety skin? Here is the right lotion for you, thanks to its natural ingredients leaves the skin soft and velvety, while makes your body smell like almonds. Moisturising, skin tightening, nourishing effect, fast absorbing, without greasy feeling body milk.

Durable, intense almond with a fragrance.

Beneficial effects produced by the ingredients of a cosmetic:

Plant collagen: As we age, the body's ability to produce collagen gradually decreases, leading to the visible signs of ageing, wrinkles. It has moisturizing and protective properties. Leaves skin soft, supple and smooth.

A cocoa butter moisturizing, anti-aging, sunscreen. It is an excellent skin tightener and can also be used for eczema and dermatitis. It protects and moisturizes skin exposed to external aggressions. It can be used to prevent stretch marks or to reduce or eliminate those that have already formed. Soothes dry, itchy skin. Massaging the body with cocoa butter body lotion helps to relieve stress.

A shea butter a nourishing and highly moisturising, protective and regenerating preparation that accelerates scar formation, soothes irritated skin, prevents premature ageing, helps in cases of stretch marks, dermatitis.

A coconut oil antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, anti-ageing, protects against dangerous UV rays, moisturises and absorbs quickly. It nourishes the skin and acts as a sunscreen.

  • Normal or for dry skin we recommend
  • The product free of artificial colours, fragrances and parabens
  • A process that meets strict standards 
  • Place of origin: Hungary


Weight N/A

Artificial colouring

Artificial fragrance




Petroleum derivatives

Palm oil


Free of animal testing

By skin type

1 review for Kakaóvajas testápoló növényi kollagénnel

  1. Anna Németh -

    I bought it for a trip to the beach, and I was looking for a lotion in a handy size that would fit in a small space. It was a really good choice, it's really handy, it's pumpable and it fits in a small space, and what was also very positive was the consistency and the smell! It absorbs instantly! It didn't feel heavy even when I got it on in the heat, it doesn't leave a greasy residue and it feels nice, plus it moisturises really well and smells amazing! I recommend!

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